Elmà di Andrea Di Ciancia is an Italian independent watches brand. Andrea is an Industrial designer from Turin with a passion for watches who has decided to create his own brand. His first watch called Sole e Luna was launched in 2021 in limited edition.
Elma blends his nostalgic background with his incessant desire to discover innovations and is influenced by the elegant atmosphere of the Piedmontese capital. 


Elmà di Andrea di Ciancia






Andrea wanted an e-commerce. The main issue was that he only had one product and I needed to create an e-commerce where a customer can have a great experience though the entire website. 


To design a responsive e-commerce that allows customers to buy easily whilst communicating all the information that a small brand wishes to give. This type of project is incredibly impactful because it is the starting point for all the future collections. 


We decided to organize the menu simply displaying only the name of the watch Sole e Luna, Blog, Riguardo Elmà and Contatti. For Andrea it was important to have a specific product page to showcase the Sole e Luna watch and to have it displayed on the main menu. 


Next, I created an hypothetical journey maps to understand better the structure and layout that would be necessary for a specific flow. I tried to understand better how we can create the best flow with only one product ino rder to give the best conversion experience. 


To build and design the website I used WordPress. The layout needs to be elegant and instantaneous for the users. The landing page of Elmà has to provide all the general information and show how connections are made. After glancing at the website, users can navigate easily to find all the information they seek. 

A few next steps:

– Continue to do usability testing and assess how the users navigate the website
– Have the multilingual options
– Add products when they are ready to be launched, creating a page dedicated to the shopping and altering the homepage to show the main products on it
– Write more articles on the blog page